Three COREs


COnsulting based on REsearch:
Our consulting services are based upon due diligence, rigorous research, and effective data analysis. We thrive on delivering the information clients need at the speed of the 21st Century global economy. Based upon the data and information derived from the research, we put them into actions, deliverng success on project at a time.
COmmnications with REsonance:
We communicate information and messages in variety of forms based on the target audience, with unique experience in translating information between cross-cultural contexts. Our fundamental goal is to communicate information to our clients effectively and deliberately. But we also go further to help our clients reach out to their own target audiences and engage with their stakeholders.
COnnecting REsources:
We believe in, and practice, open innovation. We incorporate input from experts around the world in our projects to generate truly global perspectives, regardless of whether a project is a research study, fact-finding mission, benchmark study, virtual forum, or formal meeting. We have two decades of experience connecting specialists from far flung places to find out clients the insights they need to compete in the global marketplace.