About Us

Washington CORE, L.L.C., is an independent research and consulting firm providing strategic research analysis and advisory services. By leveraging in-depth research capabilities coupled with extensive international networks in both the public and private sectors, we deliver clarity and insight to prepare our clients for success in an ever-changing global landscape. We are deeply committed to assisting our clients to achieve their mission, with a diverse, energetic, and creative staff capable of adapting quickly to our clients’ needs.



COnsulting based on REsearch

Our consulting services are based upon due diligence, rigorous research, and effective data analysis. We thrive on delivering the information clients need at the speed of the 21st Century global economy. Based upon the data and information derived from the research, we put them into actions, delivering success on project at a time.

COmmnications with REsonance

We communicate information and messages in a variety of forms based on the target audience, with unique experience in translating information between cross-cultural contexts. Our fundamental goal is to communicate information to our clients effectively and deliberately. But we also go further to help our clients reach out to their own target audiences and engage with their stakeholders.

COnnecting REsources

We believe in, and practice, open innovation. We incorporate input from experts around the world in our projects to generate truly global perspectives, regardless of whether a project is a research study, fact-finding mission, benchmark study, virtual forum, or formal meeting. We have two decades of experience connecting with specialists around the world to obtain the insights our clients need to compete in the global marketplace.


Established in 1995, Washington CORE, L.L.C. has grown into one of the premier independent consulting firms in the U.S. The co-founders, Chiyo Kobayashi and Kiyoshi Nakasaka, laid the foundation for the firm by combining their global business experience with their strong backgrounds in policy research, political advocacy, and business strategy. Chiyo Kobayashi and Kiyoshi Nakasaka have been a dynamic duo, enabling them to build the firm into a uniquely global, adaptable, and cutting edge resource as ambitious professionals joined the firm. Over the years Washington CORE has transformed itself from a policy research think tank to a truly global strategic consulting firm. For the last twenty years, Washington CORE has executed more other 30,000 projects for a wide variety of clients. During that time, the company’s core service offerings have expanded in size, industry expertise, global reach, and level of complexity. Washington CORE looks forward to the next twenty years with more zeal and confidence than ever before, and we look forward to turning your strategic challenge into our next accomplishment.