Japan Night in Boston

Jul 21, 2023

Washington CORE recently collaborated with LINK-J, one of the premier life science and health industry promotion organizations in Japan, to showcase Japan Night in Boston. This event was held on June 25, 2023 in conjunction with BIO International, an annual bio health industry convention held in Boston this year.  As part of its participation in Japan Night in Boston, Washington CORE provided an analysis highlighting the power of connection and importance of being global. The Japanese Consulate in Boston hosted this well attended and exciting event which was within a walking distance of the BIO International, where reportedly attendees were inspired to schedule 55,000 separate meetings to discuss future partnerships and ventures in life science and bio health.

Japan Night in Boston sponsored by LINK-J


Japan Global Initiative, Global Program

Japan Global Initiative, Global Program

Washington CORE recently received 17 visitors from Chuo University and Reitaku University, Japan’s premier universities. The program was organized...