Interview with Gay Gordon-Byrne, Executive Order of The Repair Association, on the Right to Repair Movement in the U.S., the Current Landscape, Global Initiatives, and the Uphill Challenges Ahead

Mar 7, 2024

Washington CORE CEO Chiyo Kobayashi and Research Analyst Folake Amoda interviewed Gay Gordon-Byrne, Executive Director of The Repair Association, about the right to repair movement and how it’s gaining momentum as a response to the challenges posed by rapid technological advancement and planned obsolescence. The movement aims to increase access to repair tools and parts and support independent repair shops. While it faces opposition from industry groups concerned about security and intellectual property, collaborations are starting to bridge the gap, paving the way for a more sustainable and equitable future. The article explores the movement’s current strides, future aspirations, and the challenges of technology repair. It further explains the global nature of the right to repair movement, with a focus on the European Union, and addresses the movement’s significance to environmental concerns and socioeconomic disparities.