Tradepoint Atlantic, Baltimore, Maryland An Emerging East Coast Distribution Hub LOGISTICS DX Transformation from Industrial Site to Global Logistics Hub

Dec 11, 2020

Tradepoint Atlantic is a fast-growing global logistics hub located near the Port of Baltimore in Maryland, U.S.A.  Tradepoint Atlantic’s 3,300 acre site, formerly home to a defunct steel mill, has become a bustling distribution center for global companies like Amazon, Federal Express, Under Armour, and Volkswagen. 

Tradepoint Atlantic’s growth has been fueled by several factors, including its advantageous location and easy access to train and truck transportation. Baltimore provides importers with access to 35% of the U.S. manufacturing base overnight and two-thirds of U.S. consumers within 24 hours.  Additionally, the 2016 expansion of the Panama Canal has enabled larger cargo vessels from Asia and elsewhere to come through the Canal from the Pacific Ocean and up to Baltimore. Tradepoint Atlantic is also benefiting from the post-COVID-19 e-commerce boom that has its tenants like Amazon breaking cargo delivery records daily. 

Many of Tradepoint Atlantic’s tenants are promoting sustainability through their operations there. In 2020, Volkswagen opened its eighth U.S. distribution center at Tradepoint Atlantic as a way of getting its product closer to its East Coast customers to reduce travel time and vehicle emissions. In 2019, Dutch multinational power company Ørsted announced plans to assemble wind power turbines at the Tradepoint Atlantic site.  Amazon is exclusively using energy-saving forklifts and warehouse trucks called Power Industry Trucks (PITs) in an effort to reduce its CO2 footprint at its two fulfillment centers at Tradepoint Atlantic.  

Washington CORE staff visited Tradepoint Atlantic’s site in October 2020 to speak with Senior Vice President Aaron Tomarchio and Director Russel Williams about Tradepoint Atlantic’s rapid growth and future development plans.