Going forward into our 25th year of our global services

Dec 31, 2019

Washington CORE opened its doors with a six-person team in Bethesda, Maryland, November 1995. With more than two decades of continuous talent growth and expansion of our service capabilities, Washington CORE is on an excellent track to becoming a premier policy and business consulting organization.

Our journey has been immensely fulfilling through service of global corporations & startups, government agencies, international organizations, and universities & research institutions around the world. This milestone would not be possible without our valuable clients who have trusted & guided us with their generous support over the years, of which we are so grateful.

The ever-growing breadth of our practice areas and relentless pursuit of our clients’ goals has helped Washington CORE become a uniquely positioned global consultancy; each one of our dedicated and talented staff has developed and proven their professional credentials as advisors, analysts, and consultants in numerous fields of practice, which is to be celebrated.

Looking ahead into the ever-faster changing economy, technology, and society surrounding us, Washington CORE firmly commits itself to steadfast and evolutionary approaches to the complex questions facing our clients. With our two-decades of achievements and a team of highly talented professionals, Washington CORE is ready to take on new and unique opportunities to commemorate our quarter-century milestone with you all!

Kiyoshi Nakasaka and Chiyo Kobayashi