Casting a Wider Net: Promoting Opportunities for the Japanese Business Community!

Jul 1, 2022

JETRO, a trade and investment promotion organization, is one of the premier sources of information for Japanese and American companies that want to conduct trans-Pacific business. While large coastal cities in the U.S. like Boston, New York, and Los Angeles are well known in Japan, there are many other cities and states throughout the United States that could provide excellent business opportunities for Japanese companies.
Washington CORE has already produced nine brochures in Japanese for JETRO. These brochures profile a set of cities and states that are typically less well-known to Japanese readers. To date, CORE has produced brochures for five states: Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, and Louisiana; and four cities, all in Texas: Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and Austin.
These brochures provide information about the city or state, and discuss a wide variety of topics, from basic statistics like population, geography, history, the political environment, notable local industries and major companies, tourist spots, details about the local lifestyle, and the state or city’s placement in national business environment rankings.  Each brochure includes a QR code with a link to a video message from the Governor.

Using these brochures, JETRO has helped introduce Japanese companies to a wider range of business and investment opportunities. Washington CORE will continue to assist JETRO with its future activities to spur business and investments between Japan and the United States!