Voices from 2020 Washington CORE Interns

Jun 25, 2021

Washington CORE continues to support the development of next-generation international policy experts and business leaders by hosting interns from across the United States and around the globe. Washington CORE interns are involved in various research projects alongside our managers and researchers from day 1, acquiring knowledge on specific sectors and topics as well as transferable research and analytical skills that help them kick off a successful career. Below are voices from some of our recent interns on their experiences at Washington CORE and what they gained from the internship. We look forward to welcoming many more talented interns who are interested in expanding their horizons and exploring career paths in global research and consulting!

Lizhong Yang

“My internship at Washington CORE was a very rewarding experience. I had the opportunity to attend numerous conferences by prominent figures in a wide range of industries, from healthcare to chemicals. I also had the opportunity to conduct research into diverse industries and policy issues, from banking industries to marine debris cleaning. From this I learned to put my prior academic training and knowledge into professional use, and also explored new fields, gained new perspectives from cross-country or cross-sector comparisons, and identified new interests. I will highly recommend this internship to those seeking to enhance their research and writing skills or explore a career in public policy.”

– Lizhong Yang, Johns Hopkins SAIS, summer 2020 intern

Milla Kessener

“Washington CORE’s Research Internship Program has provided me with a skillset that prepares my entrance into the workforce upon graduation from American University. There was a great diversity of tasks, ranging from summarizing findings and writing in-depth memorandums as well as attending an international conference. Researching various topics gave me increased understanding of subjects that I knew very little about. In the course of my studies, there were frequent instances where topics researched at Washington CORE were cogent to my academic work. Coworkers were always available to guide me and to offer constructive feedback, which allowed me to enhance my analytical and writing skills. My contributions were valued, which made me feel like a full-fledged member of the company. The fellowship and experience at Washington CORE will remain indelibly etched in my memory.”

 Milla Kessener, American University, fall-winter 2020 intern

Folake Amoda

“My time spent interning at Washington CORE was one I will never forget. Working alongside skilled researchers cultivated and refined my writing, editing, communication, and analysis skills. I was assigned projects in a broad range of fields and I spent every day learning something different. I was privileged to not only be exposed to new fields but see exactly how my work contributed to a larger project and how it benefited our clients. Even though I joined Washington CORE during COVID-19, I never felt like I was missing out and was given the opportunity to connect with my supervisors and other colleagues around the office. I was still able to attend compelling webinars and write detailed memos and abstracts from a range of topics, including, but not limited to: rural transportation development, medical device infrastructure, intergenerational living, and pollution concerns. I loved being able to work with foreign clients that allowed me to observe the different cultural environments of the US, EU, and Japan. I was not only able to sharpen a plethora of skills but was able to network and gain connections that will contribute to my future professional goals. The resources I gained at Washington CORE will assist me in all my future endeavors as I was able to bolster my strengths and work on my weaknesses.”

 Folake Amoda, University of Georgia, fall-winter 2020 intern


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