Maryland – Kanagawa Sister States from Cultural Exchange to Win/Win in Business

Sep 16, 2021

Interview with Mr. Hitoshi Suzuki, Representative of Kanagawa Prefecture, about Kanagawa’s long term relationship with Maryland. In 2021, Kanagawa Prefecture and the State of Maryland celebrated the 40th anniversary of their sister state relationship, one of the oldest and most productive such relationships in the world. Over time the nature of the relationship has expanded from simple culture exchange to encompass deep business ties. This article profiles Kanagawa’s innovative local industries such as biotech and the prefecture’s appeal as a location for international firms, as well as Kangawa’s extensive efforts to support Kanagawa companies to connect with business partners and customers in Maryland. One such example is participation in Maryland Technology Council events such as BioInnovation and DX Summit, where prefecture staff pitch Maryland to Kanagawa businesses while promoting Kanagawa to Maryland businesses.