Energy Efficiency Technology Research & Advisory Services In North America


A research & development funding agency in Asia


Public Sector


Asia, North America




  • Market & Technology Research
  • Policy Advisory
  • Market Entry Analysis & Strategy
  • Liaison, Promotion & Outreach


Our client, an R&D funding agency, was looking for support in their efforts to launch energy efficiency technology demonstrations in North America. Specifically, they needed help with understanding the North American energy efficiency market environment & user needs, and identifying potential partners.

Our Approach

Our team conducted a multi-year project with two phases. During the first phase, the team conducted interview-based market research for energy efficiency technologies in North America and evaluated demand for a particular technology solution that the client has developed. Based on this research, the team recommended a potential customer segment for the client’s technology solution. Through the second phase, the team helped to identify potential partners to conduct a demonstration project. This entailed developing a list of potential partners – including local government funding agencies and end-users – and then facilitating a series of meetings for the client to build relationships with partners and promote their technology for the demonstration project.


    • Produced a comprehensive assessment report containing market size and outlook, key players, and challenges and opportunities.
    • Identified a potential customer segment for the client’s technology solution based on our market segmentation study and interview research.
    • Developed a list of potential partners. Arranged and facilitated a series of meetings for client to explore potential partnerships for demonstration project.
    • Recommended promotion and outreach strategies to market client’s technology solution.